Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't Be Late - File by June 25th


Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to know how many abatement are filed and rejected and why. If Ford is reviewing, homeowners can expect to be rejected. A business most likely will use a professional to put the abatement together and have a far better chance of going up against Ford.

Another instance of the homeowner getting the shaft.

Anonymous said...

For residential owners.

Use 2010 sales data when preparing your abatement application. is a source for sales data.

Anonymous said...

Note: Veterans are eligible for an exemption.

Forms are found here:

Anonymous said...

Only for Veterans who are disabled. Its worth $800 off your taxes.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a discrepancy in the sales data (Appraisal Vision Data) and the sales data from Redfin.

What the city has as comparable sales for my house, none of those properties are shown in the Redfin sales data.

But the Redfin sales (I used 40 comparable sales) are shown in the city data with a 2010 sales date.

Again, what the city is using for comparable sales data, don't show up in Redfin.

Any idea why?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone recall that the Assessors had an Excel file with all properties info in it, on line.

Since Ford arrived (2009) he stopped making the file available to the public.

The last year available was 2009.

Coincidence? All that talk about transparency is just talk?

Why won't he give it to the public?

Anonymous said...

Not every sale is used in the value analysis. An obvious example would be a husband selling half of his share to his wife for $1.00 - doesn't mean the house was only worth $2.00 ! Sales to and from a bank are excluded, sales among familiy members and from estates, and some private sales between say friends or business partners will be excluded as well.