Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Assessment Data Available On Line


Anonymous said...

There's an article in the T&G by Clive Macfarlane. Some of the people he interviewed raised good points.

Even with all the light you shed on the assessors office and their questionable tactics, I do not believe city hall can be trusted to be "fair". Look at all the controversy even with the city clerk. What message has the city sent us with that. City hall cannot be trusted.

Waiting to see what the council votes on rates. Please keep us informed.


Bad Math said...

I saw the T&G story to. How interesting that Ford has managed another reduction in his assessment.
Last year did it not drop 50%?

What are we to think when we see that? If the city is being upfront, then why don't they convince us that city hall employees are not getting special treatment. Why not use Fords assessment as an example of how the new math stacks up.

I will bet it doesn't add up. One math for them, a different one for us.

Anonymous said...

High time that there is a place for the tax payers to vent their frustration because for decades the city ignored us.