Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mr. Ford's Shenanigans


Anonymous said...

What's interesting about Ford's manipulating the system, is that the city has checks and balances to limit or at the least question his actions.

I wonder why city employees and elected politicians aren't required to release financial statements or same that shed light on their using insider info that would benefit them

Anonymous said...

Another fox in the hen house.

Anonymous said...

Did he give himself an abatement?

AWARE Coalition said...

No he didn't get an abatement, he had his properties assessed at the most convenient value.

Abatement records are intentionally not public records so you have no idea who applies for it or who gets it. They will reject an abatement for the most insignificant reasons.

This process gives you an idea how the assessors office really functions and there is no oversight whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

You should check MGL Chapter 59, Section 60 which specifically state, "Such book or books, or copies thereof, shall be open to public inspection. Every board of assessors shall at the request of any person furnish one or more copies of any record required by this section to be kept, upon the payment in advance of a fee approximating the cost of such copy or copies."

Anonymous said...

In Worcester the abatement records are not available to the public.
What the law states and the actual practice doesn't always coincide.

Worcester does not allow public access to the actual records.